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UK tax bchellingworth August 23, 2023
Effortless tax returns

We currently offer a tax return service for a flat fee of £350, as long as all your income was derived in the UK. But first, we need to establish if your status is employed or self-employed.

If you don’t work for an organisation or under contract to an employer, then you are likely to be self-employed. You may also receive side incomes from other jobs, which need to be taken into account. We can help you determine your employment status – which could even be a combination of the two.

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How our UK tax service works

Our tax experts will determine if your income from self employment should be referred to as trading income. We manage your account so that you will pay any tax due twice a year through the Self Assessment system.

And if your status is employed, our tax experts will ensure the correct tax is deducted at source by your employer.

Your dedicated accountant will help you if you are working on multiple contracts in the UK and abroad. Our experts will assist you with both optimising your tax so you only pay what is due and are fully compliant with the law. Nobody wants an HMRC investigation but with the complexity of UK tax law it is very easy to get yourself in to trouble and it’s our aim to give you total peace of mind.

Check out our professions page to understand the sort of expenses that you can claim or contact us for a free accountancy review to avoid paying too much tax (or too little, which means that you’ll have HMRC breathing down your neck).

Why not take advantage of our UK tax return £350 fixed price offer? Or if your income is more complex and includes payments from outside the UK, we can offer our bespoke tax return service. If you’re not sure which route is right for you, give us a call – we’re happy to guide you through.

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