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Image rights bchellingworth August 23, 2023
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Our experts offer tax advice on image rights and structures to ensure your intellectual property is set up correctly and in the most tax efficient way. We’ll ensure you don’t end up on the wrong side of the tax authorities while keeping the maximum amount of income possible.

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How our image rights service works

There are many definitions of image rights often described as the expression of a personality in the public domain. The provision of image rights in law enables the definition, value, commercial exploitation and protection of image rights associated with a person.

Celebrities are increasingly involved in making plans to protect their intellectual property rights and they understand that their legacy will continue beyond their lifetime. For example, ensuring that they’re not associated with causes that they did not wish to support during their lifetime.

You may also be concerned about the use of computer-generated images in movies, television or commercials. Employment contracts govern how they can be used in a particular film or commercial, now and in the future.

We also provide investment management through our network of qualified financial planners and independent financial advisors.

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I owe a debt of gratitude to Keith for his exceptional financial stewardship. Amidst the day to day of writing and everything that surrounds it, his handling of my earnings, contracts, and taxes is just an incredibly helpful service. Give him and the team a call - you won’t regret it.
Stephen Butchard Screen Writer

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