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Whether you’re on a high fashion shoot, helping to promote a new product or moving from the catwalk to the catalogue, you’re likely to be gaining revenue at different times from different sources, and even in different countries. We’ll ensure everything is accounted for – freeing up your valuable time and helping you make the most of your earnings.

Like lots of actors, I’ve struggled to make ends meet at times. Juggling jobs, expenses, temporary work and figuring out how best to manage my money and make sure I could pay taxes in all that chaos used to give me actual headaches. Andy and team are a godsend though. I know what I can legitimately claim, I know how to manage short-term income, and best of all, I know I’m being really efficient with my tax!
David Jonsson Actor

What can models claim for?

Expenses are defined as being necessary for the operation of your business. Here are some examples of typical tax deductions available for models:

  • Clothing – whilst an obvious one, there can be penalties for over claiming
  • Agents fees and subscriptions to professional associations, for example, union fees to Equity, The Model Alliance
  • Use of home as an office for relevant admin purposes - correspondence, online meetings etc
  • Advertising – any way that you promote yourself and additions to your portfolio
  • Travel and related expenses
  • Makeup and hair – there does have to be a link to your work
  • Health and gym membership – this can be dependent on what you do
  • Insurance – any premiums must be deemed ‘wholly and exclusively for the purpose of your business’ we can ensure that any refunds are accurately calculated
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