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There really is no business like show business

Whether you’re in front of or behind the camera, working in entertainment is rewarding but precarious. You never quite know when your next job will come in, have to be ready at a moment’s notice, and may even have a few side hustles. That’s why you need your finances on point.

The Showbiz Accountant is here to help. Whatever your involvement in the entertainment industry, we can help you achieve financial stability. We look after the complicated stuff so you can concentrate on what you do best.

The Showbiz Accountant.
Making your money perform.

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Who we work with

What we do


Comprehensive financial management. From bookkeeping to global tax planning, maximising income retention across UK and US.

International tax

Navigate global tax complexities. Benefit from Double Taxation Agreements, minimise tax paid abroad, and ensure compliance.

UK tax

Clear tax guidance and support. For both self-employed and employed individuals, ensuring compliance and peace of mind.

Image rights

Protect intellectual property. Our experts offer tax-efficient guidance on image rights, legacy planning, and IP protection.


Expert advice on VAT. Registration, management and payment ensuring accurate and timely submissions.

Meet the team

Our expert team have extensive experience working with clients within the wide and varied world of media. Find out more about the team looking after you:

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Keith Rennie
Managing Director
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Steve Lloyd
Senior Accounts & Tax Manager
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Justin Whitelaw
Senior Accounts & Tax Manager
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Michael Pugh

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News, views and expert opinions from The Showbiz Accountant team.

Start making your money perform

Contact us for confidential advice and a no-obligation review on any aspect of accounting for people working in the entertainment industry.