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Wherever you are on your career ladder, as an actor, having to deal with your accounts and taxes can be a real headache. You may have income from multiple sources, which all have to be accounted for. We’ll make sure you’re on the right side of your tax commitments, both in the UK and overseas, so that the next call could be Broadway, not the tax man.

Like lots of actors, I’ve struggled to make ends meet at times. Juggling jobs, expenses, temporary work and figuring out how best to manage my money and make sure I could pay taxes in all that chaos used to give me actual headaches. Andy and team are a godsend though. I know what I can legitimately claim, I know how to manage short-term income, and best of all, I know I’m being really efficient with my tax!
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What can actors claim for?

Expenses are defined as being necessary for the operation of your business. Here are some examples of typical tax deductions available for actors:

  • Clothing, makeup and props - if purchased wholly and exclusively for the purpose of work, including for rehearsals and auditions.
  • Travelling for research - train tickets, petrol costs
  • Computer and other devices - laptop, tablet, mobile phone, printer, flash drives
  • Household bills - if you use your home as a home office
  • PPE and other safety equipment - if necessary to keep your workplace safe
  • Education and accreditations - relevant to your profession
  • Subscriptions and memberships - software, profession-related periodicals or websites and organisations such as Director UK or Spotlight
  • Agent fees
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